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Saturday, September 19, 2020 12:16 PM

The Great Way Maker - Sept. 8, 2020

Saturday, September 19, 2020 12:16 PM
Saturday, September 19, 2020 12:16 PM

Exodus 14:19-30

The pivotal event in the life of faith for Israel was the crossing of the Red Sea. The Red Sea crossing was not the first time that God had acted on behalf of his chosen but the Red Sea crossing displayed a unique way God acted by fighting for one group and fighting against another group.

The Red Sea crossing was more than liberating Israel from their oppressors. It was God showing Israel He could be counted on in the hard moments of life. God would not leave His people in a place of hopelessness but God would show up with power to turn the tide.

The way God showed up for Israel was by making a way through the barrier that blocked them. God divided the Red Sea and allowed Israel to walk over on dry ground. When the Egyptians attempted to follow Israel, two things happened that spelled their doom.

First the Egyptians were thrown into a panic. They encountered mass confusions on what to do and which way to go. In essence they were leaderless in a crisis moment. The current crisis that engulfs our nation is causing some persons to experience panic. The protests in the streets, the pandemic that is still present and the economic shutdown that has left many struggling to survive cause us to wonder is there anyone that can lead us out of our situation?

The second thing that happened to the Egyptians as they tried to follow Israel through the Red Sea is their chariots got clogged in the mud and turned with difficulty. The very thing that represented the power of the Egyptian army was rendered useless in the mud of the Red Sea. Whenever we count more on the things we have than the God that has made us, a day will come when we will see those things let us down. Things--no matter how powerful--are no substitute for God.

Only the people who trusted God and followed God made it through the crisis safely.

The way we trust in God in a crisis is to follow His word, stay in community and follow proven leadership who are clearly following God. The Red Sea crisis was not Moses’ first crisis and he had proven himself in prior crises that he could be trusted. So, Moses raised his hands and God parted the sea and Israel walked over on dry ground. There is no crisis we cannot survive when we trust God to guide us through it. He is the Great Way Maker.


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