This is a time of change, adaptation and flexibility.
But also a chance to do new things.

With that in mind, Dr. Ricky A. Woods and the leadership of First Baptist Church-West are pleased to present FBC-W Online Sermons for your spiritual uplift. While we will always prefer the spiritual disciplines of worshiping together and fellowship, proclamation of the Word takes precedence over place and time during this period of social distancing.

We will continue to provide more details as our online presence changes and expands. Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy. 

Living On Plan 'B' - 09/20/2020

A Mature Faith

The Value of Rest - 09/06/2020

Abide, Producing and Glorifying - 8/30/2020

The Dangers Of Distractions - 8/23/2020

Seeing God On The Left Hand Side - 8/16/2020

Courage - 8/9/2020

Better Now - 8/2/2020

The Disabled and The Devine - 7/26/2020

Now I Know - 7/19/2020

The North Wind - 7/12/2020

Perplexed By A Predicament - 7/5/2020

The Extra Mile - 6/28/2020

A Tough Decision - 6/21/2020

This Is Not What I Thought - 6/14/2020

When The Church Was Biased - 6/7/2020

Something From Heaven - 5/31/2020

Arrested By God - 05-24-20

Mother's Day - Why Being Good Matters - 05/10/2020

The Absent Disciple - 04/26/2020

Easter Sunday - The Road To Faithfulness -- 04/12/2020

A Message From The Underground--04/01/20

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Pastor's Welcome

Meeting Needs - 05/18/2020

Seeing The Bigger Picture - 05-03-2020

From Dispair To Victory -- 04/15/2020

Good Friday -- In His Own Clothes 04/08/2020

From A Distance--03/25/20

REAL FAITH--03/18/20