The Story

stained glass


First-time visitors often compliment the vivid colors and design of our sanctuary's stained glass windows.

But there's more to our windows than just a pleasing look. They embody the foremost principles of our Christian faith. 

Below you will see what each window and its design represent in Christianity.

Thanks to the Archives Committee for keeping the stories of our stained glass windows alive.




stained glass 2 GETHSEMANE
The Cross is coming out of the cup with rays emitting from it portraying a symbol of Christ's suffering.

The Holy Spirit in the form of a Dove with rays above the cross--which represents Christ--hovering above the baptism water.

The Star of Bethlehem shines down with rays over the manger with the Greek letters Chi Rho representing the first two letters of the name of Christ. 



stained glass 4

The burning coal signifies Israel's sins and the scroll represents prophecy of the coming Messiah or salvation.

God's law is represented by two tablets and a lightning bolt to show God inscribing and giving the law to Moses.

stainedglass6 THE WORD
An open Bible with a Cross in the background.

stained glass 2

The rising sun indicates a new day dawning with Christ's Banner of Victory over death in the tomb.

A church sitting on top of a rock refers to Peter's Commission that "on this rock I will build my church" in Matthew 16:18.

The Holy Spirit is represented by a Dove with rays coming out and seven symbolic flames

stained glass 6 COMMUNION
In the center is the cup, on the left a bunch of grapes for wine and one the right are wheat stalks for bread.

The central round circle is God. The three outer circles symbolize the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These are joined by a band indicating that by themselves they are singular. Bands of color flow into the central circle to show they are One and that only with all three is there a Unity of One in God.


stainedglass7 CREATION
The Creator's Hand is issuing from Heaven. The sun, moon, stars and planets are illustrated among the water, trees, grass and ground--all the handiwork of God.