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Thursday, May 6, 2021 9:14 AM

Restoring God's House - May 4, 2021

Thursday, May 6, 2021 9:14 AM
Thursday, May 6, 2021 9:14 AM

2Chronicles 24:1-14

Josiah became one of Judah’s youngest kings when he started his reign at the age of seven. He was blessed with a godly priest who counseled him in the ways of the Lord. It is said of Josiah that he did what was right in the sight of the Lord.

One of the things that Josiah did that was right was to restore the house of the Lord and start a revival in the nation. When Josiah discovered the laws of Moses, he organized the priests and Levites to engage the people in the work of restoring the temple and the rituals taught by Moses.

Josiah used his office as king to marshal the people and the resources to work together to restore the worship of God to a nation that had drifted away from God.

When the Levities did not act quickly to carry out the necessary work of restoring the temple. Josiah had a chest made and set it outside the gate of the house of the Lord to have the people to come and give so that the work of restoring the temple and the service of the temple could be completed.

Because of a king’s leadership and the cooperation of the nation, the people filled the chest each day and the proceeds were used to restore the temple. Day after day the people contributed to the work of restoration because of a leader and because of a people engaged in the work of restoration. So those who were engaged in the work labored and the repairing went forward and they restored the house of God to its proper condition and strengthened it.

This story provides a beautiful picture of cooperation when the people know what they are to do. Each group had a vital part to play in the restoration of the temple and a return to the worship instructed by Moses.

Restoration is never a one- person job but requires the commitment of many working under a clear vision.

The church will go through a period of restoration once we return to public worship after the pandemic. The church will look different and be different than it was pre -pandemic. We now have a clearer understanding of the value of the church in a community to be a difference maker no matter the size of the building or the number of members a church may have.

The mission focus discovered in the pandemic cannot be lost with a return to public worship. We need even greater cooperation and a determined focus to restore the church to being defined by its worship, mission, evangelism and call for justice. So that we might be salt and light making the world better because we are here.

It never was supposed be about us but it is all about Him. We know that now.


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