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Monday, August 31, 2020 7:40 AM

Leaders God Can Use--Aug. 25, 2020

Monday, August 31, 2020 7:40 AM
Monday, August 31, 2020 7:40 AM

Exodus 3:1-10

This passage of scripture is most often referred to as the call narrative of Moses by God to liberate Israel from bondage.

The call reflects God’s initiative in the lives of His people. What prompted God to call Moses and use him as an agent of liberation were the cries of the people. God heard the cries, the mourning and groans of His people, and God acted.

Moses is not called by God to the task of liberation because of his gifts or ability. There is nothing in Moses that causes God to be attractive to him. God is moved solely because of His love for His people and His desire to bring them freedom. The witness of leadership begins with the right understanding of the leader to the people, that the leader only has a job because God is in love with His people. The people who are the object of God’s love are far from prefect but they share the bond of covenant promise and unfailing love.

Every leader is made better when he or she understands that the leader is present for the people as a sign of God’s love for them. Moses’ leadership ability evolved and in time the people recognized Moses for his leadership ability even when they were not on the same page. What the people saw in Moses was a leader shaped by God’s call and how God was in love with His people. It is this fundamental fact that guided Moses’ actions and caused him to seek to reflect God’s love for the people.

A day even came when Moses placed himself between the wrath of God and the people’s disobedience to remind God of His unfailing love. We need leaders who will think more about the people and their needs as opposed to the leader’s needs. We need leaders who can grow in their leadership ability but remain fastened to the principal of what it means to be faithful to God through faithful service to the people of God.

Leadership carries both a blessing and a burden. There is the blessing of being used by God to help people realize the plans God has for their lives. There is the burden of balancing strength and humility in ways that ego does not occupy the place in the leader’s heart that is reserved for God. For all leaders work for Him--those who realize it as well as those who do not.


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