Joint Church Council
Dr. Ricky A. Woods, Sr. Minister 

Board of Missions and Evangelism
Deacon Shirley Coley, Chair

Board of Christian Education
Sis. Del Crowell, Chair

Deaconess Ministry
Deaconess Mamie Cuthbertson, Chair

Board of Deacons
Mary Thomas, Chair

Board of Finance
Sis. Mary Randle, Chair
Deacon Thomas Baldwin, Treasurer

Board of Directors
Jabari Chavis, Chair


Women's Ministry
Rev. Joanne Thomas, Ministerial Advisor

Human Resources Committee
Deacon Gloria Sloan, Chair

Nomination Committee

Assimilation Ministry
Dr. Herman Thomas, Assoc. Minister

Church Clerk: Percell Bowser, Sr.
Asst. Clerk: Bro. Leon Bryan

Sunday School Department
Deacon Marian Yates, Superintendent


Youth Council
Bro. Avery Love, Chair
Rev. John Burton, Jr., Ministerial Advisor

Health & Wellness Ministry
Sis. L. Darnel Olowofoyaku, Chair

Children's Committee
 Sister Melita Little, Pres.

Bereavement Ministry
Rev. Glencie Rhedrick, Ministerial Advisor

Marriage Ministry
Dr. Melvin Harris & Sis. Juanita Harris, Co-Chairs

Senior Usher Board
Sis. Daris Hillman, Chair

 Junior Usher Board
Avery Love, Chair
Sis. Henrietta McClain, Supervisor 

Laymen's League
Deacon Allen Patterson, Chair

Pastor's Aid Society
Deaconess Mamie Cuthbertson, Chair

Scholarship Committee
Deacon Shirley Crump, Chair 

Golden Age Club
Sis. Maxine Davis, Chair

Music Committee
Deacon Angela Fritz, Chair

Mass Choir
Deacon John Kinsey, Chair

Boy/Cub Scouts
Bro. George Bingham, Chair

Youth Ministry
Sis. Pamela Love, Chair

Baptism Committee
Deacon Richard Chisolm, Co-Chair
Deaconess Linda Adams, Co-Chair

Floral Committee
Sis. Regina Irby-Harrell, Co-Chair
Sis. Wanda Doby, Co-Chair

Audio Video Committe
Deacon Joseph Cuthbertson, Chair

Culinary Arts Committee
Deacon Clarence Able, Chair

Missionary Group #4
Sis. Gloria Ervin, President

A.O.K. Ministry
Sis. Valerie Davis, Co-Chair

Archives Committee
Deacon Mary Thomas, Chair