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Welcome to the official website of First Baptist Church-West where we are about the business of "Making First Things First." Led by Dr. Ricky A. Woods, FBC-W is a thriving fellowship of Christians located five minutes west of downtown Charlotte.

Formed in 1867 by a group of former slaves who refused to sit in a segregated church balcony, First Baptist-West is the oldest, Black Baptist Church in Mecklenburg County. In recent years, FBC-W has become known throughout the community for its strong social conscience and its extensive outreach programs.

But also get to know us for our pastor's Bible-based preaching and teaching; our choirs' harmonic, soul-reviving songs; and our outstretched hands of welcome where we seek to know you by name. Note that there's no dress code--casual or dressy it's your choice.


Feel free to explore our website, sign the guestbook below with your questions or comments or contact us at  info@fbcwest.org and share in our many church activities. For directions, click HERE.

Our doors swing wide on welcome hinges.




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Celeste King beautyceleste88@yahoo.com (04.15.2016 @ 10:03:46)
Hello. My name is Celeste King. I am trying to raise money to pay for my graduate school tuition. It is a post baccalaureate program to help me get into graduate school for public health. I will be going to University of North Carolina in charlotte NC (UNCC). I have to take three classes to get into the masters public health program. Post baccalaureate students don't get any financial aid or loans. We have to pay out of pocket or take out private loans from a bank. My credit score is too low for private loans and I have no money or any help. I am just asking for help to pay for school. Can someone donate to me or give me a Scholarship please. All I need is $5000. I called the government office and they said there is nothing they can do. Just call around business and churches.