Ministries by Appointment/Election


Archives Committee
Contact:  Deacon Ken Bridges

Board of Missions and Evangelism
Contact:  Bro. Coley


Board of Christian Education
Contact: Sis. Del Crowell

Deaconess Ministry
Contact: Deaconness Mamie Cuthbertson

Board of Deacons
Contact:  Deacon Davis Fox

Human Resources Committee
Contact: Deac. Gloria Sloan

Board of Directors
Contact:  Deac. Ken Bridges


Joint Church Council
Contact:  Dr. Ricky Woods

Board of Finance
Contact:  Bro. Nelson English


Nomination Committee
Contact:  Brother Davis Fox

Strategic Core Team
Contact: Bro. Allen Patterson

Treasurer: Thomas Baldwin
Attorney: Calvin Brown 

Church Clerk: Percell Bowser, Sr.
Asst. Clerk: Mamie Cuthbertson


First Baptist Church-West Ministries


Afterschool Program
Contact: Patrice Thompson  

Loaves and Fishes
Deacon Mary Williams

Assimilation Ministry Ext. 211
Dr. Herman Thomas

Missions & Evangelism
Bro. Coley

Athletic Ministry

Music Ministry
Children: Sis. Deirdra Spivey-Moussa
Contact Dea. Denise Bridges /Sis. Angela Fritz

Audio Visual Ministry
Deacon Joe Cuthbertson

Oratorical Training Ministry Sis. Phyllis Baldwin/Sis. Sandra Ellis

Bereavement Ministry
Contact: Rev. Glencie Rhedrick 

Pastor’s Aide Committee
Sis. Mamie Cuthbertson

Youth Ministry
Contact: Rev. John Burton

Children's Ministry
Sis. Del Crowell

College Scholarship Ministry
Contact: Sis. Shirley Crump

Prison Ministry
Contact: Deacon Mary Williams

Culinary Ministry
Contact: Bro. Clarence Abel/Bro. Earl Maxwell 

Scouting Ministry
Cub and Boy Scouts
 Bro. George Bingham

The Golden Agers Ministry
Contact: Sis. Maxine Davis

Security Ministry
Contact: Deacon Denise Bridges

Layman's League
Contact: Bro. Allen Patterson

Health & Wellness

Contact: Sis. Coley

Floral Ministry

Sunday School
Contact: Deac. Marian Yates 

Women's Ministry
Contact: Rev. Joanne Thomas

The Clara H. Jones Summer Institute
Contact: Sis. Patsy Burkins

Habitat for Humanity
Deacon Harvey Harris

Vacation Bible School
Contact: Rev. Joanne Thomas

Transportation Ministry
Deac. Ken Bridges

Usher Ministry
Sis. Darius Hilman